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My name is Shirley Bear Fedorak. I have been a professional writer and editor for eighteen years. I write academic books for university courses in cultural anthropology, culture studies, and global studiesI have written and worked in the copyedit and proofreading stages of publication with Harcourt Canada, Broadview Press, Nelson Thomson Ltd., and University of Toronto Press.

My passion, however, is fiction, and this is the focus of my professional editing services. Check out the testimonials for some of the genre fiction, including award winners, I have edited below.

I am a Canadian citizen currently enjoying the good life in beautiful Malaysia where I continue to professionally research, write, and edit.



Are you tired of endlessly editing your manuscripts, reports, or business documents? Do you want to spend your time writing and marketing your work? Bear's Editing offers professional services in manuscript assessment, developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

Manuscript Assessment:

New authors often make the mistake of rushing their work into editing, or even worse, self-publishing before the manuscript is ready.

Manuscript assessment is a critique of the manuscript and an avenue for offering advice on how to improve the work before it enters the editing stage. Quality of writing style, plot development, story pacing, character development, tone and voice, and audience appeal are all assessed.

You will receive a detailed report on the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript. The report will specifically identify areas where you need to self-edit and/or rewrite. 


When you have self-edited your manuscript, this service also identifies the level or type of editing your manuscript requires (e.g. basic or deep copy edit, proofreading). 


You may submit partially completed manuscripts, first drafts, or completed works.

Turn-around time on works less than 100,000 words is 2-4 weeks.

Introductory Flat Rate Fees: 

less than 50,000 words        $250 U.S.

50,000-75,000                      $350 U.S.

75,000-100,000                    $500 U.S.        

Developmental Editing:

Once the manuscript is complete to the author's satisfaction, it is ready for an initial development edit. Here, the story flow and plot, point of view and tone, scene and chapter transitions, dialogue, general structure, writing style, and character  development are carefully scrutinized and critiqued. Audience appeal is also evaluated.

You will receive a detailed report on areas where the manuscript needs work. If applicable, problem areas within the manuscript will be marked.

Turn-around time for manuscripts less than 100,000 words is 2-4 weeks.


8-10 pp/hour                $30 U.S. per hour (standard)

Copyediting Services:

This is the stage of editing where most authors seek assistance. Copyediting is a line-by-line edit of an established draft, including suggested revisions of word choice, grammar, dialogue, paragraph sequence, and style. Weaknesses in clarity and meaning, consistency, repetition, and paragraph and sentence structure will be identified with suggestions for improvement.

Turn-around time for manuscripts less than 100,000 words is 2-4 weeks.



Basic copyediting            $30 U.S. per hour

Deep copyediting            $35 U.S. per hour

All copyediting contracts include two passes and a final proofread.

Proofreading Services:

This is the last stage of editing a manuscript and requires a detailed edit for spelling, typos, punctuation, and grammatical errors, word choice, and various mechanical problems, such as speaker attributes and beats.

Turn-around time for a manuscript less than 100,000 words is 2-4 weeks



8-10 pp/hour                      $20 U.S. per hour

(Note: This rate is for a 'clean' manuscript that has been professionally edited.)

Other professional services are provided to my clients free of charge. For example: critiquing query letters and synopses.




"Shirley Fedorak made a believer out of me. I doubted my story for a long time, but after receiving amazing help from her as an editor, I could not be happier and more excited about my work in progress. She is direct, honest, and also told me my strengths, which I really needed to hear. It is only because of her that I love the draft I have now created, and I am very picky. Ms. Fedorak went above and beyond for a wonderful price. It was not only worth the money, but made me feel like I can do this thing. She did not sugar-coat anything either. She told me where changes needed to occur and gave me more than I asked for, a developmental edit as well as line edits and proofreading. I could not be more pleased. Her letter at the end was kind, professional and rewarding. I hope to work with her again in the future." Vanessa Miller 

It was a pleasure working with Shirley on my debut novel. Shirley did an amazing job with the copy edit and proofreading, and helped me clean up my manuscript within a very short amount of time. She made the daunting exercise a wonderful experience, which not only turned out a polished manuscript, but became an incredible learning process for me. Throughout the project Shirley was very professional, very responsive, and friendly to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her expertise to anyone.

M Greenhill, author of Masked, winner of the 2018 New Zealand Romance Writers Award for First Book.

"Shirley is an exceptional manuscript critique, editor and proofreader.  Aside from being a true professional who has mastered her craft, she showed genuine concern for me as an aspiring author. She wanted me to succeed. I highly recommend her services. Shirley can turn your manuscript from good to great." Leo Almonte, The Man Who Sold Sand in the Desert.



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